"Anyone who accuses me of killing, I'll kill them !" *

Being serious ! Of course, I eat 150 greenfly per day but that is all I like. That means I only kill to eat.

At birth I measured 1 mm, and now more than 1 cm. I may look a bit clumsy, but just watch me as I crawl around searching for greenfly hiding under the leaves.

I have no wings and I'm blind. Where you leave me, I'll stay if there are plenty of greenfly ! So if any one is protecting your plants, it is me.



The grub's development.

The grub's name



Greenfly per day

L1 (first stage)

1 mm

2 days


L2 (second stage)

2 à 3 mm

2 days


L3 (third stage)

4 à 6 mm

3 days


L4 (fourth stage)

7 à 12 mm

4 days


Approximatifs figures: everything depends on the weather and the food they find. (Numbers represent the biological simulation proposed for this site).

At every stage, the grub sheds it's skin !


* "Anyone who accuses me of killing, I'll kill them !"

I took this picture from 'La hulotte' review which I recommend highly and would like to thank. But remember someone who defends lots of killers of all types, like the barn-owl or even the tawny owl.