A tamagotchi or a Cyberpet is a virtual pet which one looks after. Here I am offering you the possibility of looking after real animals. And you will see fabulous sights like the birth of larva or the ladybirds emerging from their pupa.

  You can obtain a clutch of eggs ( F by buying some ladybirds) ou by fixing up a nest for the 4 or 5 adult ladybirds that you will find in the wild. Release them as soon as they have produced the eggs.

The equipment is neither complicated nor expensive.

  • A glass jar or an aquarium.
  • A brush and a plastic spoon.
  • Some plants with greenfly on them.
  • Optional,a magnifying glass

It is possible during May and June if you know where to find greenfly.There shouldn't be any shortage of them at this time.

Pauline and laure demonstrate.

Pauline prepares the ladybirds' new home It is especially important to remember to put food in it. A dozen pea stalks well covered in greenfly will be enough for one day. But tomorrow you will have to start again.

Laure fixes up the inside:two sheets of paper on the tray and another one pleated like an accordeon. It is on this pleated sheet that the ladybirds will lay their eggs or the larva or grubs will cling, to undergo their transformation.

The transfer of the inhabitants: with a brush and a spoon one can ensure one doesn't hurt them. Be gentle!

Let's look quickly to see if there are any eggs under the paper of the old house.

Let's install this little group in the new house. a cheeseboard converted into a home for ladybirds.


You can look after the larva/grubs and the adults in exactly the same way.

The essential thing is to have greenfly,lots and lots of greenfly!

and to look after one's Cyberpet very well every day because this one is a real live creature.