A simulation of biological struggle

( -- Start game -- ou -- Some advice -- )

Rules of the game : A massive amount of snow ball tree attached each year by greenfly.

The bush will happily support greenfly but very quickly it can become invaded and overrun and it's leaves and flowers will wither.

This year you can lay 3 lots of ladybird eggs when you want.

The game will last for 100 days. Click on the button "Next day" and one day will go by. The computer will show your progress at the end of each day. When you want you click on the button "Lay more eggs" and there will be 30 more ladybird eggs on one branch of the snowball plant.

Try to keep your greenfly population to a maximum of 5000.

Between 5,000 and 10,000 is not as good but not drastic. Be careful not to go beyond 10,000 because the plant will suffer and wilt. Don't stay in this situation for very long !

At the end the computer will tell you how you're done. If you always stayed in the green (less than 5,000 greenfly) then well done ! It is possible even with only 2 lots of eggs.


As the game shows the ladybirds don't eat all the greenfly but stops them from harming the plant.


Some strategical advice !

Don't lay all your eggs at one.

Stay between 1,000 and 5,000 greenfly.

The larvae need to eat or they die.

An adult that lives for 20 days will then lay more eggs before leaving.

If you reach 20,000 greenfly it is game over.

Consult the daily diet of ladybird larvae.