The secret of the young.

If you know the number of insects wanting to kill me and the amount of poison that man uses in vain to pulverise me ... and I'm still here !

Do you want to know how I do it ?

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My secret is girls, lots of girls and then more girls !

James Bond eat your heart out. In this photo are just females. Each one is capable of giving birth 12 times a day.

Imagine the same stem tomorrow if you multiply the grubs by 12. (or by 13).

But that's nothing ! Hold on tight to your stem because the young born on Monday are capable of giving birth by Tuesday !!!


Take your calculator. 1 grub can have 1 million offspring in one week .

(if everything goes well of course like the weather, no ennemies and a stem in full health ! )


So if you think our population doubles each day, we are already incredible.

That's our secret.


And the men ?

IF the females reproduce with no male intervention (by parthenogenesis) during the mating season, you can see winged and sexual indivuduals starting to appear at the end of the summer. In autumn, the males and females will couple up. These will lay the fertilised eggs that will hatch in spring