My birth

As a rule, we are all born together, about 30 of us, all stuck to one another. This is necessary as if we find nothing else, we have a tendancy to eat the eggs.

I am born upside down. Let me explain. My Mum laid my egg under a leaf to keep me sheltered and getting out is a delicate operation. I have to hold on hight or the fall would be fatal.

Here I am, 1 mm long and abandoned, all alone with nature. I only eat greenfly and since I am blind since birth, I find them through smell. Sometimes those big oafs can be twice my size aswell.


This one here is a little greenfly. Look how ugly he is with his long legs and enormous antennae that find you from for away. I don't like him very much. Thankfully, there are often so many all lined up on the stems and under leaves that I can just take my pick !