Breeding of ladybirds at school 

Our ladybirds are the 7 spotted variety from the Creuse region of France.

But to breed ladybirds you also have to breed greenfly!

One ladybird eats 50 greenfly so 200 ladybirds eat 10,000 of them!


Of course, greenfly are not ungrateful creatures and if you look after them well they will reproduce very quickly. (F the greenfly life). But you must never run short of them. If you do, the ladybirdswill die of hunger, for they eat nothing but greenfly.

So, the most difficult thing is to be very successful in breeding greenfly. The stock for this breeding farm comes fromthe INRA (National Institute for Agronomical Research) of Antibes and it is supplied to us by the greenfly breeding farm from Caen.

1. You take some pinewood shavings. You let them soak for a day to become well saturated. In the window box, you sow a crop of peas in these wood shavings.

You use wood shavings rather than soil so as to avoid introducing other insects or worms which might be lurking in the soil.

2. As soon as the peas have germinated you place the window box beside another one already infested with greenfly.

If you examine a pea stalk closely you quickly notice the impressive number of greenfly.

  You can then cut the stalk in order to feed the greenfly.



In April, May or June one can breed some ladybirds in class by bringing green-fly from outside.